The Fit Kit

Bicycle Fit using the Original Fit Kit

Everyone has a riding position that accommodates their body type and style of riding. We usually recommend one to several bicycle frames to a customer, depending on the the type of riding you want to do. Based on your initial body measurements and the answers you give to our soft tissue questions, the frame(s) we recommend should accommodate your riding position. Our job is to transfer your riding position to the bicycle you choose, or to inform you if a frame will not accommodate your riding position. This position is always defined in terms of the three points of contact with the bicycle: the pedal, the saddle and the handlebars. This initial position is a starting position that will need to be fine tuned as we listen to you describe how you are feeling on the bike and as we watch you ride on a trainer or see how you move with your bike when you ride outside.
Image of the 3 fit zones of the Fit Kit

As we look at the three fit zones above, there are usually a number of frame sizes, stems, and seat posts that will accommodate the desired riding position for our customer. We want you to understand that there is more than one way to arrive at the same riding position using different frames and components.

The Fit Kit System is a tool, much like a map and compass, or a global positioning device. It is a "standard" that has been tested and established over time by many in the bicycle industry.

Often times, when a customer comes to us, they may feel lost in terms of their riding position. They may complain of different aches or pains, or share experiences from their past riding, or tell us particular circumstances for why they need to start riding, such as health reasons or rehabilitation from injuries. We want to guide you "home" to a good fit.

We use our fitting tools to get your frame of reference, we listen to you, ask you questions, use our common sense, and watch you ride. If you look comfortable, you probably are. If you are tense, we make further adjustments. We want you to have an excellent fitting experience that keeps you on your bike riding comfortably.