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PRF Bicycles is a mobile bicycle repair shop. We offer a full range of services and work on all makes and models of bicycles.

For services that take a longer amount of time or require tools that are less mobile we provide free pick up and delivery of your bicycle.

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Repairs and Services

$60 Tuneup


  • Drivetrain: Clean Chain, Cassette/Freewheel, Derailleurs, Crank
    Lubricate Chain
  • Adjust Derailleurs: Front and Rear
  • Adjust Brakes: Front and Rear
  • Adjust Bearings: Headset, Crank, and Wheel Bearings (If Possible)
  • Check For Loose Nuts and Bolts
  • Minor truing of the wheels
  • Clean and Polish Frame and Wheels
  • Inflate Tires to Proper Pressure

$150 Overhaul


  • Includes: Tuneup
  • Plus:
  • Grease bearings: Hubs, Headset and Crank (if not sealed)
  • Inspect cables/housing and replace if necessary

Other Services


  • Install Inner tube - $6
  • Install Bottom Bracket - $25
  • Install Headset - $25
  • Install Chain - $5
  • Install Derailleur - $25
  • Replace a Tire - $6
  • Replace a Spoke - $10-$20
  • True Wheel - $10-$20
  • Adjust Headset - $15
  • Adjust Derailleur - $10-$15
  • Adjust Cable Brake - $10
  • Adjust Hydraulic Brake - $Varies
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket - $15
  • Glue Tubular Tire - $25
  • Install Tubeless Tire - $25

$50 Bicycle Fit

Fit Kit

    Determine body dimensions, using the Fit Kit, which then can be used to properly adjust a current bicycle or to assist in the purchase of a new one.
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$50 Cleat Adjustment

Fit Kit RADs

    Using the Fit Kit RADs (Rotational Adjustment Device) to position pedal cleats to reduce the chance of injury due to improperly placed cleats.
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Located on the beautiful Minnesota River bluffs between Belle Plaine and Henderson Minnesota.


(507) 248-3639

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PRF Bicycles
PO Box 26
Belle Plaine, MN 56011

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